Welcome to Our Site!

Welcome to our website.

We are a small team of internet marketers who have over 30 years experience between us.

Our Track Record

Over the years we have:

  • built a successful e-commerce company in Silicon Valley,
  • consulted with small niche brands along with some of the largest web portals & ecommerce sites,
  • wrote a best selling book,
  • published content which has reached over 100 million people,
  • had multiple successful exits where we sold websites for strong returns,
  • ran a subscription membership site with over 1,000 active customers,
  • been referenced in publications like Wired, Business 2.0, The Wall Street Journal &
  • spoke at dozens of conferences about online marketing

A Constant State of Reinvention

Meet a person who has never failed & you’ll have also met a person who never succeeded in any meaningful way.

We got started in earnest working on the web in 2003 & the web is constantly changing. Things that were once easy are now hard & things that were once hard are now easy. 🙂

We’ve have continually reinvented ourselves with changes in the web.

Part of our approach which has helped us stay successful & outlive many other players is we have kept our team small so we were directly involved in key decisions, ensuring we did not have a high overhead & we did not take on debt that limits our flexibility in the case of changes like major market shifts or large black swan algorithm changes by key distribution platforms like Google and Facebook.


We recently decided to expand our operations & are hiring people who can help us take our company to the next level. We currently have multiple positions open, which you can see in the right rail navigation.